Weather Forecasts

The effects of weather are an important consideration for all ultralight pilots. Access to current weather forecast information is especially important when preparing flight plans and when departing for a cross country flight.

The following provides a link to weather forecast information provided by Air Services Australia and the Bureau of Meteorology.

Meteorology and NOTAM Briefings

This link provides a link to the Pilot Briefing information provided by Air Services Australia. Air Services Australia provides up to date weather information and NOTAM information as part of their pre-flight briefing service.

Met briefing map

Click on the selected area of the map for a link to the meteorological and NOTAM information. Please check the date and UTC time on the briefing to make sure that it is current. If not you may need to 'refresh' the page.

Synoptic Chart

Click on the link below to view the four day mean sea level pressure chart provided by the Bureau of Meteorology.

Colour forecast map for the next four days